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URGENT: LD 652, Constitutional Carry, Needs Your Help Now.

13 Apr 2015 4:43 PM | Todd (Administrator)


Ok, folks, here's the current situation. We did a great job of showing support for LD 652, the Consititional Carry bill, at last Wednesday's public hearing. But, of course, it's not going to be nearly that easy to win. Our opponents are SHOVELLING out-of-state money into Maine to defeat us, and vastly outnumbering us with calls to legislators.

We have not come this far to be defeated by billionaire-bought astroturf. We need everyone to call your legislators now -- *right now*, as you read this message -- to urge them to support LD 652 and Constitutional Carry.

You can look up your legislators using the link below -- call BOTH your Senator and your Representative. Be polite, but be firm: You want them to support LD 652.

Do *not* leave this to someone else to do. We need every single voice behind us on this to counter the manufactured opposition. Call right now.


You can also leave a message for your representatives at the following numbers:

House Democrats: (207) 287-1430
House Republicans: 207-287-1440
Senate Democrats: (207) 287-1515
Senate Republicans: (207) 287-1505

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