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Gun Owners of Maine is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse candidates. We do, however, grade candidates solely on the issue of gun rights. Grades are based on voting records, answers to our Gun Policy Questionnaire, public statements, and affiliations with gun-related organizations. Grades based on questionnaire responses are indicated by a "Q" in the grade.

An asterisk (*) indicates the candidate's grade is based solely on public statements.

If you are a candidate who would like to receive a grade from Gun Owners of Maine, please complete our Gun Policy Questionnaire.

Candidates awarded a grade by Gun Owners of Maine may use our grade artwork to display their grades on their web sites or printed matter.

NOTE: Grades maybe be updated between now and the election as candidates complete our Gun Policy Questionnaire or clarify their positions on gun rights.


 A+ LEPAGE, Paul

During his prior two terms serving as Governor of Maine, Paul LePage signed many pro-gun rights bills into law, including Constitutional Carry, and anti-discrimination legislation for those who reside in public housing. He opposed background checks on private gun sales between law abiding citizens, as well as the closing of gun shops during the pandemic.


MILLS, Janet

Once a pro-gun legislator with an A rating from the NRA, Janet Mills has reversed course, and embraced anti-gun rhetoric during her first Gubernatorial campaign, going so far as to take pride in her new NRA F rating, remarking "I wouldn't usually be proud to get a failing grade... but this time I'll make an exception."  While Governor, Janet Mills signed a new law allowing for sales tax exemption for the purchase of firearm safety devices but allowed other pro-gun rights legislation to become law without her signature, leaving questions in the minds of gun rights advocates as to her stance on the second amendment rights of Mainers.                                           

US House of Representatives, 1st District


PINGREE, Chellie

Chellie Pingree has made gun control a central feature of her legislative agenda, and supports all manner of gun restrictions, including reinstatement of the failed Federal Assault Weapon Ban and banning large-capacity magazines, and opposes national concealed carry reciprocity.



"I find it ironic that, on the same day the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that bolsters the 'shall not be infringed' language in the 2nd Amendment, Congress took a significant step toward further restrictions of gun ownership rights in America. I'm a firm believer that we do not need new gun laws - we just need to enforce those common-sense gun laws that are already on the books."    

US House of Representatives, 2nd District

 C* BOND, Tiffany

 “Sensible regulation should help keep guns in the hands of those who are responsible. In other words – I don’t care if you hunt, I do care if you hunt people, and no one needs a tank to hunt a moose.”

 C  GOLDEN, Jared

Jared Golden, as a State Representative, voted for bills that would produce a patchwork of gun-free zones across the state, allow police to seize firearms with little or no due process, impose civil and criminal penalties on citizens who innocently and unknowingly sell a gun to a prohibited person, and voted against Constitutional Carry and against expanding concealed carry reciprocity. In the most recent past, Jared has had some positive pro-gun votes and public statements, however, paired with his prior voting record a watchful eye is necessary to ensure continued, meaningful, pro-gun votes should he continue his tenure in the House of Representatives.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Bruce Poliquin has consistently voted in favor of gun rights, including national concealed carry reciprocity, removing suppressors from the NFA, and protecting veteran's gun rights. He opposes bans on semiautomatic firearms and large-capacity magazines.

Maine Senate Candidates

Senate District Map: https://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/apport/statewidesenate.pdf

District 1   A JACKSON, Troy ? BERNARD, Susan     

District 2 ? FIENBERG, Danielle A+ STEWART, Harold    
 District 3 ? BEAN, Shawn A FARRIN, Bradlee    
 District 4 ? THURLOW, Andrea A+ GUERIN, Stacey    
 District 5 ? WHEELER, Stanley A+ BLACK, Russell    
District 6 ? GOBLE, Jonathan B MOORE, Marianne    
 District 7 B GROHOSKI, Nicole A LANGLEY, Brian    
 District 8 ? TIPPING, Mike ? ROJO, Eric
 District 9 A BALDACCI, Joe ? FURROW, Suzette    
 District 10 ? CAMMACK, Ralph B LYFORD, Peter    
 District 11 A CURRY, Glenn A+ KINNEY, MaryAnne    
 District 12 F* BEEBE-CENTER, Ann BQ ROCKNAK, Scott    
 District 13 ? RENY, Cameron ? SIMMONS, Abden    
 District 14 B HICKMAN, Craig A+ HANLEY, Jeffrey    
 District 15 ? ST. VALLE, Storme A+ POULIOT, Matthew    
 District 16 ? LAFOUNTAIN, David A+ PERKINS, Michael    
 District 17 ? KELLER, Jo-Jean A+ TIMBERLAKE, Jeffrey    
District 18 ? O'NEILL, Colin A BENNETT, Richard    
 District 19 ? BEAN, Matthew A KEIM, Lisa    
District 20 F SHEATS, Bettyann A+ BRAKEY, Eric     
 District 21 ? ROTUNDO, Margaret AQ LACHAPELLE, Ricky    
 District 22 AQ MCKINNEY, Michael ? LIBBY, James     
 District 23 F DAUGHTRY, Matthea  ? TEAL, Brogan    
 District 24 D VITELLI, Eloise AQ BRACKLEY, Matthew    
 District 25 F PIERCE, Teresa ? WHITE, Jennifer     
 District 26 ? NANGLE, Timothy AQ PLUMMER, Gary    
 District 27 F* DUSON, Jill ? TONGUE, Jeffrey    
 District 28 F CHIPMAN, Benjamin ? ABERCROMBIE, Susan    
 District 29 D CARNEY, Anne ? LEWIS, John    
 District 30 F BRENNER, Stacy  ? THORSEN, Timothy    
 District 31 D BAILEY, Donna   ?MACDONALD, Sharri    
 District 32 ? INGWERSEN, Henry AQ CORBETT, David    
 District 33 F* WILLIAMS, Kendra A+ HARRINGTON, Matthew    
 District 34 F RAFFERTY, Joseph ? DUCHARME, Bradley    
District 35 F LAWRENCE, Mark ? RAKIC, Julie    

Maine House of Representatives Candidates

House District List: http://legislature.maine.gov/house/house/MemberProfiles/ListDistrictTowns

Dist. 1 ? APPLEBY, Dana Marie ? THERIAULT, Austin
Dist. 2 ? PARADIS, Bernard ? ALBERT, Roger    
Dist. 3 F MCCREA, David ? BABIN, Mark    
Dist. 4 F* ROSSIGNOL, Jordyn AQ GUERRETTE, Timothy    
Dist. 5 ? FREEMAN, Kevin BQ UNDERWOOD, Joseph    
Dist. 6 D ROBERTS-LOVELL, Tiffany AQ ARDELL, Donald ?  THOMAS, Douglas
Dist. 7

B SWALLOW, Gregory    
Dist. 8 ? RITCHIE, Kevin ? QUINT, Tracy    
Dist. 9 F PERRY, Ann ? CHAMBERS, John    
Dist. 10

? DAVIS, Kenneth ? HINERMAN, Melissa
Dist. 11 ? ROGERS, Roland ?  STROUT, Tiffany    
Dist. 12

Dist. 13 ? WORTH, James AQ LINNEHAN, John    
Dist. 14 F WILLIAMS, Lynne ? COSTON, Stephen    
Dist. 15 ? EATON, Holly ? JOYCE, Jason    
Dist. 16 ? MILLIKEN, Nina AQ HANRAHAN, Stephen    
 Dist. 17 ? RUSSELL, Ronald B HUTCHINS, Sherman    
Dist. 18 ? THROCKMORTON, Timothy B CARMICHAEL, Meldon    
Dist. 19

A CAMPBELL, Richard    
Dist. 20 ? O'CONNELL, Kevin ? MORIN, Jennifer    
Dist. 21 ? RANA, Ambureen  
?  REEVES, Marianna
Dist. 22 ? SUPICA, Laura ? DAMON, Douglas

Dist. 23 F ROEDER, Amy ? PECE, David

Dist. 24 D PERRY, Joseph ? HATHAWAY, Roderick    
Dist. 25 F OSHER, Laurie ?  BOWIE, Cameron    
Dist. 26 C DILL, James ? OUELLETTE, Christina    
Dist. 27 ? CROCKETT, Peter A DRINKWATER, Gary    
Dist. 28 D* DIPENTINO, Natalie ? GIFFORD, Irene    
Dist. 29 ? YORK, Laurie B JAVNER, Kathy

Dist. 30 ? SIDELL, W. Louis AQ WHITE, James    
Dist. 31 C EVANS, Richard AQ PERKINS, Chad    
Dist. 32

B FOSTER, Steven    
Dist. 33 ? DONOVAN, Todd B COSTAIN, Danny    
Dist. 34 ? ROMA, Frank A  GRIFFIN, Abigail ? PIETROWICZ, Joshua

A  THORNE, James    
Dist. 36 ? CARD, Kristen A+  HAGGAN, David    
Dist. 37 ? ENGLISH-FLANAGAN, Margaret AQ REAGAN, Paul    
Dist. 38 ? STANICKI, Robyn AQ  HYMES, Benjamin F  GARROLD, Heather
Dist. 39 F DODGE, Janice A* HEMENWAY, Stephen    
Dist. 40 D ZEIGLER, Stanley AQ  MCLAUGHLIN, Joseph    
Dist. 41 F DOUDERA, Victoria ?  BUTTERWORTH, Susan    
Dist. 42 F GEIGER, Valli ? TRANGAGLIA, Roger
Dist. 43 ? MATLACK, Ann AQ  SPRAGUE, Heather    
Dist. 44

Dist. 45 ? COLLAMORE, Jr., Clinton ? MADISON, Lynn    
Dist. 46 F CRAFTS, Lydia ?  PARISE, Merle    
Dist. 47


FOSSEL, Leslie

          ? GOODKOWSKI, Evan
Dist. 48 C STOVER, Holly ? WARREN, Tricia    
Dist. 49 C HELPLER, Allison AQ JAMES, Kelly

Dist. 50 D PAULHUS, Sean ? DESJARDINS, Jason    
Dist. 51 ? JAUCH, Rebecca A* BAKER, Linda    
Dist. 52 ? CLUCHEY, Sally  
Dist. 53 ? BECKWITH, Jane ? LEMELIN, Michael    
Dist. 54 ? MONTELL, Karen AQ BUSSELL, Charles ?


Dist. 55 F* SHAGOURY, Daniel AQ WISEMAN, Phillip    
Dist. 56

Dist. 57 C HASENFUS, Tavis A+ WILSON, Corey    
Dist. 58 ? NEAL, Robert A NEWMAN, Daniel    
Dist. 59 ? LAROCHELLE, Raegan ? ORR, James    
Dist. 60 ? BRIDGEO, William AQ CLARDY, William    
Dist. 61 F* DAVIDOFF, Amy A BRADSTREET, Richard    
Dist. 62 F* SWIFT, Pamela AQ SMITH, Katrina F* HARWATH, Lindsey
Dist. 63

B CYRWAY, Scott    
Dist. 64 F MADIGAN, Colleen ? MALCOLM, Ruth    
Dist. 65 B WHITE, Bruce ? BROWN, Tammy    
Dist. 66 ? BARNES, Alicia BQ NUTTING, Robert    
Dist. 67 AQ SEZAK, Robert A+ RUDNICKI, Shelley

Dist. 68 ? SHORT, Stanley A COLLAMORE, Amanda

Dist. 69 ? HALE, Stephen ? CRAY, Dean

Dist. 70 F* LOFVING, Iver A POIRIER, Jennifer    
Dist. 71 F* PERKINS, Allison B DUCHARME, John    
Dist. 72

A DUNPHY, Larry    
Dist. 73 ? HOUSE, Vincent AQ SOBELESKI, Michael    
Dist. 74 ? KIMBER, Gregory A HALL, Randall    
Dist. 75 B LANDRY, H. Scott Jr. CQ ESTABROOK, Tiffany    
Dist. 76 ? HOKE, Tamara A* LYMAN, Sheila    
Dist. 77 ? BISHOP, Bonita ? SCHMERSAL-BURGESS, Tammy    
Dist. 78 ? THURSTON, David ? HENDERSON, Rachel Ann    
Dist. 79

A+ ANDREWS, John    
Dist. 80

? JACKSON, Caldwell    
Dist. 81 ? SIPE, Daniel B MILLETT, Sawin Jr.    
Dist. 82 F* BURNETT, Nathan ? NESS, Caleb

Dist. 83
Dist. 84 ? POWERS, Barry ? WALKER, Mark    
Dist. 85 ? STRUEBING, Christopher ? POMERLEAU, Kimberly    
Dist. 86 B FAY, Jessica ? FOSTER, Gregory    
Dist. 87

AQ BOYER, David TAYLOR, Mary-Beth
Dist. 88 ? SHAW, Kathleen ? SORCEK, James    
Dist. 89 ? LEE, Adam

? WEISNER, Benjamin
Dist. 90 ? FOGARTY, Thomas A LIBBY, Laurel    
Dist. 91 ? LIPSON, Hildie A MORRIS, Joshua

Dist. 92

A WOOD, Stephen    
Dist. 93 F CRAVEN, Margaret ? MCCARTHY, Robert    
Dist. 94 F CLOUTIER, Kristen ?  BEAUDOIN, Janet    
Dist. 95 ? ABDI, Mana

Dist. 96 ? LAJOIE, Michael A CONNOR, Jonathan    
Dist. 97 ? GAIASON, Scott A+ MASON, Richard    
Dist. 98 ? BREEN, Orion ? GALLETTA, Joseph    
Dist. 99 ? GOLEK, Cheryl ? DAVIS, Stephen    
Dist. 100 F* ANKELES, Dan

Dist. 101 F ARFORD, Poppy ? JACKSON, Ravi    
Dist. 102 F SACHS, Melanie ? FINEGAN, James Jr.    
Dist. 103 F BELL, Arthur ? GARDINER, William    
Dist. 104

B ARATA, Amy ? GASS, Anne
Dist. 105 F* GRAHAM, Anne AQ REED, David    
Dist. 106 ? REED, Dana ? BAGSHAW, Barbara    
Dist. 107 ?
HALL, Michael    
Dist. 108 ?
TERRY, Maureen

Dist. 109 ?
BOYLE, James ?
VELOZO, Joseph    
Dist. 110 C MORIARTY, Stephen ?  JORDAN, Scott

Dist. 111 F*  KUHN, Amy ?
YORK, Jeffrey    
Dist. 112 D CROCKETT, W. Edward ?
RYAN, Tammy    
Dist. 113 ?
LOOKNER, Grayson  
Dist. 114 D COLLINGS, Benjamin ?
MERRILL, Daniel    
Dist. 115 D BRENNAN, Michael

Dist. 116 F ZAGER, Samuel ?
HOLMAN, Dale    
Dist. 117 ? MOONEN, Matthew

Dist. 118 F ROSS, Rachel

Dist. 119 F* SKOLD, Charles ? DOYLE, Peter    
Dist. 120 ? DHALAC, Deqa ? DOUGHERTY, Michael

Dist. 121 D KESSLER, Christopher ? WALTER, Tammy    
Dist. 122 F RECKITT, Lois

Dist. 123 F MILLETT, Rebecca ? CHRISTY, Annie    
Dist. 124 B WARREN, Sophia ? MARKOWSKI, Lisa    
Dist. 125 ? NOONAN MURPHY, Kelly ? LIVINGSTON, Alan    
Dist. 126 F GATTINE, Andrew

Dist. 127 F RIELLY, Morgan ? POITRAS, Ryan    
Dist. 128 F SALISBURY, Suzanne ? ELLIS, Charles    
Dist. 129 F O'NEIL, Margaret ? DUPUIS, Stephen    
Dist. 130 F COPELAND, Lynn ? SIROIS, Theodore    
Dist. 131 F GRAMLICH, Lori ? ECCLESTON, Scott    
Dist. 132 F SHEEHAN, Erin AQ KEENAN, Timothy    
Dist. 133 F* MALON, Marc        
Dist. 134 ? GERE, Traci ? JORDAN, Elizabeth    
Dist. 135 ? SAYRE, Daniel BQ HIRSHFIELD, Jared

Dist. 136 ? WAGNER, Joseph A+ SAMPSON, Heidi    
Dist. 137
CARLOW, Nathan    
Dist. 138

B BLIER, Mark ? BARDEN, Michael III
Dist. 139 ? PICHE, Nancy A+ WOODSOME, David    
Dist. 140 ? WATSON, Kirstan A+ PARRY, Wayne    
Dist. 141 ? MCADAM, John AQ LANIGAN, Lucas    
Dist. 142 ? MASTRACCIO, Anne-Marie ? BUCK, Pamela    
Dist. 143 ? DAVIE, Wesley ? FREDERICKS, Ann Marie    
Dist. 144 F* NORWOOD, Daniel AQ ADAMS, Jeffrey    
Dist. 145 ? HOBBS, Daniel ? ROCHE, Timothy    
Dist. 146 F* RUNTE, Walter Jr. ? MOULTON, Bradley    
Dist. 147 ? SARGENT, Holly ? KOOPMAN, David    
Dist. 148 ? WHEELER, Margaret ? LAVIGNE, Thomas    
Dist. 149 D ROBERTS, Tiffany ? ROUILLARD, Mark    
Dist. 150 F MEYER, Michele ? RUMERY, David    
Dist. 151   F  MATHIESON, Kristi    
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