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Mills Nominates Rabid Anti-Gun Former Portland Police Chief for Commissioner of Public Safety

Governor Janet Mills has nominated her choice for Commissioner of Public Safety, and it is former Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck, a long-time opponent of gun rights who served as a board member for the Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence and the Maine Gun Safety Coalition.

During his time as Portland Chief of Police, Sauschuck testified in opposition to Constitutional Carry, and appeared together with national gun control advocate Gabby Giffords to support the Universal Background Check initiative rejected by voters.

Mike Sauschuck supports:

  • Banning private transfers of firearms between law-abding citizens
  • Banning scary-looking so-called “assault weapons”
  • Banning standard-capacity magazines
  • Empowering police to confiscate firearms without due process

Don't believe us?  Listen to Mike, in his own words.

As Commissioner of Public Safety, he would direct the Maine State Police, the chief law enforcement agency in the state, and the largest issuer of Concealed Handgun Permits.

Maine gun owners cannot permit a man who has devoted so much time and energy to tearing down the right to keep and bear arms to be a fair steward of that right as Public Safety Commmissioner. If Governor Mills allows this nomination to proceed, it will signal her administration’s hostility toward gun rights and gun owners.

We need Gov. Mills to hear from gun owners, loud and clear, that Michael Sauschuck is unacceptable as Public Safety Commissioner, and that we consider his nomination to be a slap in the face of gun owners across the State of Maine.

Please contact Gov. Mills’ office and register your opposition to Michael Sauschuck’s nomination, and the members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, who will actually vote on his confirmation. Don’t delay, do it now. And when you’ve done that, make sure to contact your Maine State Senator as well.

Office of the Governor:

Phone: 207-287-3531
Email: governor@maine.gov

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee

 Name Email 
Senator Susan Deschambault - Chair  


Senator Michael Carpenter


Senator Kimberley Rosen


Representative Charlotte Warren - Chair


Representative Pinny Beebe-Center


Representative Janice Cooper


Representative Patrick Corey


Representative Danny Costain


Representative Lois Galgay Reckitt


Representative Chris Johansen


Representative Victoria Morales


Representative Richard Pickett


Representative Braden Sharpe


Your State Represenative and State Senator

You can find your State Representative and State Senator, and their contact information, on the Legislature's web pages, below:

State House:


State Senate:


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