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Gun Owners of Maine is an all-volunteer, grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and promoting the gun rights of Mainers, and we are the only Maine organization focused on this issue alone.  We monitor developments affecting gun owners on both the State and Federal levels, tracking bills in the Legislature and the Congress, and act as a watchdog on governmental agencies.

Gun Owners of Maine tracks, analyzes and reports on issues of importance to gun owners, identifying and getting the word out to gun owners on threats to, and opportunities for our gun rights.

We believe that gun rights are fundamental to a free people, and it is our mission to preserve and extend them.  The threats to our rights from anti-gun politicians and activists are constant; every year, new bills are introduced in the Legislature and the Congress which would hack away at our rights.  Gun Owners of Maine opposes these threats through grassroots action, providing information, analysis and action plans to gun owners, to make their political might felt in Augusta and in Washington.

Please join us, to make our voice louder.  Join our Facebook group or our web forums to keep abreast of current anti-gun threats as well as pro-gun opportunities.  If you can, please seriously consider becoming a supporting member of Gun Owners of Maine with a paid membership.  As a paying member, you not only support our mission financially, but you send a clear message to politicians that you are a serious and committed member of the gun rights community.  The larger our member base, the more respect we command with elected officials.

Memberships start at $25/year, or less than 7ยข a day. That’s a small price to help preserve a priceless right. Please join today.

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