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Gun Owners of Maine has issued our candidate grades for the upcoming election: 2020 Candidate Gun Rights Grades

Gun Owners of Maine does not endorse candidates and grades them solely on the issue of gun rights.

We’re doing something a little different this year. For each election cycle, many candidates do not receive grades from us. In the past, we did not list those candidates. This year, we are listing them with a question mark (?) next to their name. There are basically two reasons a candidate might not have a grade: 1) It could indicate a lack of recent gun-related legislative activity on their part; or 2) They did not complete our Gun Policy Questionnaire.

This is where you come in.

Politicians should be held accountable for where they stand on defending your rights. We like to get them on record.

If a candidate in your district has not yet been graded, respectfully invite them to complete our questionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekr4Q3sigZb_mr7BoRhXlz5y8meo6512s-pF_U9JMQEOv7Ow/viewform

Or, encourage them to issue public statements clarifying their position on gun rights. The more specific they are about which gun control policies they support or oppose, the better.

Grades may be added or updated between now and the November 3rd election.


Statement on Executive Order 19


March 26, 2020

Effective immediately, all business named as “Non-Essential”, without specific exemptions, are required to cease operations. This current Executive Order is set to expire at Midnight on April 8, 2020. Depending on the current status of COVID-19 this may be extended, or in the best case scenario, allowed to expire. The Federal orders have been implemented in this case. After reaching out to the Governor’s office for clarification, working hand in hand with the National Rifle Association and Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, we have been told that gun shops in Maine are not listed as “Essential Businesses” by name. Larger stores, primarily known as “Box Stores” who also sell firearms and ammunition are allowed to remain in business under this Executive Order.

While we understand, and are sympathetic to the concerns with virus transmission, we feel that not allowing citizens to access firearms, ammunition and other items related to self-preservation, sets a dangerous precedent. There are plenty of avenues to reduce viral transmission that are being implemented by other businesses which DO qualify as “Essential” and have protection from closure. Some of these exemptions include convenience stores and hardware stores. While we see the value in both, we also can’t overlook the importance of access to items of critical, Constitutionally protected items such as firearms and ammunition, which rise well above “convenience” items.

Gun shops are important centers for training, repair, refinishing, and resupply for Law Enforcement, Security Personnel and citizens in their respective area. Allowing the closing of gun shops would put every community at a severe disadvantage with respect to safety and security, and would be magnified several times over during a crisis situation. Local police officers and their departments are serviced by their area gun shops. Closing these vital businesses down leaves them as unprepared and vulnerable as the citizens they serve and protect.

Far beyond “convenience”, firearms, ammunition and their accessories are a primary tool of many Mainers, and necessary to participate in hunting, predator and animal control.

While we understand that drastic measures may be necessary to assist in curbing the transmission of COVID-19, shops that sell constitutionally protected items, such as firearms, ammunition and accessories cannot be logically overlooked, especially while exempting stores that carry items primarily for convenience. For millions of Americans, firearms are considered a NECESSITY, playing an enhanced role in times of public discomfort, crisis and unrest.

We are disappointed that gun shops haven’t been initially named as an exempted “Essential Business” and can’t overlook the strong sentiment across the nation for their necessity. Areas that are MUCH less friendly to firearms ownership have had their initial Executive Orders modified to specifically allow them to reopen and remain open to serve their community.

We urge you to contact Governor Mills and respectfully request that Gun Shops be added to the list of “Essential Businesses” as soon as possible.

Board of Directors, Gun Owners of Maine

UPDATE: As of 04/03/2020, Maine's list of Essential Businesses and Operations now includes Federal Firearms Licensees.

Essential Businesses and Operations


Todd Tolhurst (1959-2020)

To my fellow Gun Owners of Maine Brothers and Sisters in Arms;

I am not in a loss for words very often, but today is that day…. I wanted to let you know as soon as I could. I wanted you to hear, here at home, first hand.

This morning I received a message that I knew was coming, but hoped would never happen. I feel sick to my stomach as I write this, as I am also trying to process it along with you, this very second. We have all lost a friend and family member this morning, (1/16/2020) in the passing of Todd Tolhurst.

After not feeling very well for a while, Todd’s health took a fast turn for the worse a few weeks ago. We hoped it was a brief bout with some nasty bug, but it turned out to be a very aggressive cancer that took his life Thursday morning.

Todd and I met several years ago, introduced by a common friend, during the rise of what we now know today as Gun Owners of Maine. We have been friends since that first introduction and have shared many a political foxhole as we worked side by side to maintain and increase the recognition of our rights in Maine.

Todd Tolhurst is a familiar name within Gun Owners of Maine, having served as our President for the vast majority of our existence, but the work he did for us went well beyond a figurehead position in a small state club.

Todd’s diligent work, and his communication skills, helped build a real grassroots force for the first time in Maine. We had reached a time where 2 or 3 organizational leaders could no longer effectively express our interests in Augusta, and he knew that the REAL power of Grassroots couldn’t be ignored.

He was right; since its inception, and under his leadership, Maine has seen a huge number of new laws that relax the binds we’d previously been under and many had accepted as “normal”. Under his leadership, we passed bills that dropped the unreasonable restrictions on some common knives, exempted binary compounds for target shooters, added protections for existing shooting ranges and even cleared up some firearms hunting laws that crossed into the target shooting field.

Perhaps his crown jewel project was dropping the necessity for a carry permit, which was long referred to as impossible. He knew it was already perfectly legal to have and carry the firearm, and it was only the addition of the jacket or sweatshirt that was in play. He was told “No one will know what to do or get training anymore” and instead of accepting such a statement to stand, Todd got together with Portland Attorney John Chapman and produced a Free, Online Video, Maine Carry class that over a thousand people have participated in to date. Todd didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk.

Through his leadership we were able to fight back when a Billionaire had us on his radar and pumped in millions of dollars to usurp our rights. When I told Todd that we were polling at over 60% in favor of these new laws, he didn’t skip a beat and proclaimed, “Well, it looks like we have our work cut out for us than. It will be that much sweeter when we win.” And win we did.

Todd was leading the charge right through a month ago, never having the words “We can’t” as part of his vocabulary. It was always clear to him that “We ABSOLUTELY can”, we just have to have the right message to motivate everyone to get involved.

Todd was a level headed thinker, smart beyond his admission. He always thought everything out, several moves ahead. He was a master of communication, turning an available FaceBook space into a sounding board used to communicate in a flash with over 33-Thousand like-minded grassroots patriots. He was a logical, passionate speaker who never missed an opportunity to testify on a bill, participate in a work session or even an informal meeting where we could be effective. No matter what the tools needed to most effectively communicate, be it video cameras, stickers or flash cards, T-Shirts or posters, Todd had them available in their most effective means.

Even recently, as Todd’s health as declining, he wasn’t ready to give up. While others were offering to take over duties to relieve some of his time constraints, he said “Naw, I can still do some of that. I’ll still be involved.” He never gave up.

In closing, it’s important to understand that fighting for our right to self preservation has been a pretty lonely place at times. 25-30 years ago, there were not many familiar faces at hearings and around the capitol in general.

Thanks to the family that was built here at GOME, that’s not the case anymore. When duty calls, and it’s time to show up and be heard, it’s unusual to NOT be the majority, often by a huge margin. In Todd’s absence as we move forward, which we must do, it’s my feeling that we should honor his legacy by utilizing the organization that he helped to create, to its fullest extent. We need only peek at the national news to see the danger all around us, and thanks to Todd Tolhurst, we already have the perfect vehicle to leave this big blue rock a better, safer, freer place for the next several generations.

In deep sadness, I’ll not see my friend Todd again, but his memory will live on through the positive work we do in the future. RIP my friend, your hard work will be remembered and built upon for generations to come.

Jeff W. Zimba
GOME Ballistic Evangelist



Range Bills Move In Right Direction

Feb 25, 2018 - Two bills related to shooting ranges met different -- but positive -- fates in the Legislature today. LD 489, which would have empowered the Commissioner of Public Safety to allow municipalities to enact noise ordinances which could shutdown existing ranges, was withdrawn by its sponsor, Sen. Justin Chenette, and received a unanimous Ought Not To Pass report from the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, which essentially killed the bill.

LD 79, a shooting range protection bill sponsored by Rep. Patrick Corey, prevents owners of adjoining properties deliberately causing existing ranges to close by erecting structures within 100 yards of the  range.  The committee reported this bill out as unanimous Ought To Pass, advancing it to House and Senate chambers for further votes.

Sauschuck Confirmed Despite Historic Opposition

Governor Janet Mills' nominee for Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, Michael J. Sauschuck, was approved by the Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety by a vote of 8-5, with all Republicans on the committee voting against his confirmation, and all Democrats voting in favor. 

The full Senate refused to override the committee's action by a vote of 21-13, once again with all Republican present voting against confirmation, and all Democrats voting in favor.

Despite unprecedented public opposition to a nominee to head the Department of Public Safety, including thousands of calls, letters, emails and petition signatures and hundreds of individual gun owners flooding into the State House to attend the public hearing, the public outcry fell on deaf ears with too many legislators.

Mr. Sauschuck is a high-profile anti-gun activist who has used his position as Chief of the Portland Police Department to promote all manner of gun control, including banning private sales and transfers of firearms, bans on standard-capacity magazines and semiautomatic firearms, gun confiscation without due process, and so on.

While the Mills Administration maintains that Commissioner Sauschuck cannot make law, it is the role of commissioners to function as advisers to the Governor and to the Legislators on matters within their purview. Commissioner Sauschuck will be the prime adviser to the Governor and the Legislature on matters of gun control, and will direct the State Police, the biggest issuer of concealed handgun permits in the State.

Governor Mills has placed a committed anti-gun advocate at the head of Maine law enforcement, and given him a leading voice in the making of gun policy in Maine. Gun owners should be very wary.


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Federal Government Releases Rule Banning Bump Stocks

December 19, 2018 - The Justice Department has released its final rule regarding so-called "bump stocks", classifying the devices as machine guns.  

Gun Owners of Maine is very disappointed in the Administration's action in regard to bump stocks, and we believe that banning these devices through regulatory rulemaking illegally and unconstitutionally usurps the role of Congress, which has the sole power to make new law. We expect this new rule to be promptly challenged in Federal court, and to be firmly rejected.

Constitutional Carry is the Law in Maine

Constitutional Carry became the law in Maine on October 15, 2015; if you are 21 years of age or more (18+ if active duty or honorably discharged US military) and are not otherwise prohibited from possessing or carrying a firearm, you can now exercise your right to bear arms without obtaining a permit.

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