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Help us Protect YOUR Privacy in Maine!

23 Mar 2013 9:27 PM | Anonymous


Help us protect your privacy in Maine!

What you can do:

  • 1.     Become a member and sign up for our free mailing list: Maine Alert.  The more members we have, the more influence we have upon our legislators, and the better we can lobby on your behalf! 
  • 2.     Tell your friends, we need to get everyone involved!
  • 3.     Call your elected officials right now!
  • ·        Your elected officials feel that this is not a pressing issue, let’s make sure they realize just how important it is to not make law-abiding citizens feel like criminals!  They have chosen to table the bill.  Let us show them the error of their ways!

The concealed handgun permit privacy bill is: LD-345 Written by Corey Wilson (R-Augusta) This bill will:

  • ·         STOP people that will do anything to make your life harder, just because you choose to exercise your right!
  • ·         Protect your privacy as a law abiding firearms owner.

1.) Email *and* call the members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee. Politely express your support for LD-345, and urge them to vote in favor of LD-345 today! Email alone does not have the impact of a telephone call.

Sen. Stan Gerzofsky
D-Cumberland, Chair
(207) 373-1328

Rep. Mark N. Dion
D-Portland, Chair
(207) 797-6341

Sen. David E. Dutremble
(207) 229-6587

Rep. Ricky D. Long
R-Sherman, Ranking Mbr.
(207) 267-1828

Sen. Gary E. Plummer
(207) 892-6088

Rep. Bryan T. Kaenrath
D-South Portland
(207) 409-7137

Rep. Alan M. Casavant
(207) 284-4690

Rep. Timothy I. Marks
(207) 284-4690

Rep. Joshua R. Plante
(207) 284-4690

Rep. Thomas M. Tyler
(207) 892-9760

Rep. Jethro D. Pease
(207) 342-5910

Rep. Corey S. Wilson
(207) 469-5295

Rep. Michel A. Lajoie
(207) 713-7119

2.) Call and email YOUR State Representative at 207-287-1400 and your State Senator at 207-287-1540.

Voice your support for LD-345, Concealed Carry Privacy, urge them to pass it, and insist they oppose all anti-gun proposals this legislative session.  Remind them who they work for, and tell them that you REFUSE TO BE TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL!
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