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2020 Candidate Gun Rights Grades

Grades for state legislative candidates are based primarily on their voting records in the 128th & 129th Legislatures, and/or on the candidate's answers to the Gun Owners of Maine Gun Policy Questionnaire. Grades based on questionnaire responses are indicated by a "Q" in the grade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

An asterisk (*) indicates the candidate's grade is based solely on public statements.

If you are a candidate who would like to receive a grade from Gun Owners of Maine, please complete our Gun Policy Questionnaire.

Candidates awarded a grade by Gun Owners of Maine may use our grade artwork to display their grades on their web sites or printed matter.

NOTE: Grades maybe be updated between now and the election as additional candidates complete our Gun Policy Questionnaire, or issue statements clarifying their positions on gun rights.


 F   BIDEN, Joe Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has repeatedly voted to restrict the rights of gun owners, and he has voiced support for virtually every radical gun control proposal being espoused today.


In his Declaration of Candidacy for the Green Party nomination, Howie Hawkins voiced his support for universal background checks, a ban on the sale of and a buyback program for so-called "assault weapons", and "red flag" laws.


JORGENSEN, Jo Jo Jorgensen declares herself to be a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and has voiced opposition to laws that would restrict the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.
B TRUMP, Donald In public statements, Donald Trump has expressed strong support for the right to keep and bear arms. Early in his presidency, he signed a bill reversing an Obama-era regulation that added an estimated 75,000 people to the federal background check database as prohibited persons merely because they required the assistance of a representative payee to manage their finances--a regulation that the ACLU and 23 disability groups opposed. The Trump administration's implementation of a ban on bump stocks is a matter of great concern as it sets a dangerous precedent that could lead to the banning of other commonly owned firearm accessories.

United States Senate



On 2nd Amendment issues, Susan Collins generally stands with gun owners. She has opposed magazine capacity restrictions and voted to prohibit lawsuits against gun manufacturers for crimes committed with guns. 
F GIDEON, Sarah Sarah Gideon has been endorsed by an array anti-gun groups. As Speaker of the House in Augusta, she played a prominent role in attempting to decimate the gun rights of Mainers with a plethora of anti-gun bills in 2019.
LINN, MaxSupports "maintaining the status quo on the present gun laws" and opposes Constitutional Carry.
F* SAVAGE, Lisa"Enact strong gun control measures that respect the Second Amendment protection for arms for state-level militias - not individual ownership of assault weapons. Implement background checks for all gun sales. Reduce weapons in circulation with a buyback program similar to Australia's response to the tragedy of a mass shooting. Renew and strengthen the assault weapons ban. Treat gun violence as a public health emergency and end prohibitions on using federal funding for science-based solutions to gun violence. Follow the lead of countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and Finland that strengthened gun control laws after mass killings and succeeded in dramatically reducing the rate of gun violence."

US House of Representatives, 1st District

AQ ALLEN, Jay "Don’t you think it’s time for Senators and Representatives to affirm the Constitution, including the second amendment, instead of trying to tear it to shreds? The second amendment should not cause them any concerns…unless, of course, they have nefarious plans to subjugate American Citizens."
F PINGREE, Chellie Chellie Pingree has made gun control a central feature of her legislative agenda, and supports all manner of gun restrictions, including reinstatement of the failed Federal Assault Weapon Ban and banning large-capacity magazines, and opposes national concealed carry reciprocity.

US House of Representatives, 2nd District

A+ CRAFTS, Dale While serving as a Maine State Representative from 2008-2016, Dale Crafts consistently supported our right to keep and bear arms. Dale has pledged to continue that support if elected.
F GOLDEN, Jared Jared Golden, as a State Representative, voted for bills that would produce a patchwork of gun-free zones across the state, allow police to seize firearms with little or no due process, impose civil and criminal penalties on citizens who innocently and unknowingly sell a gun to a prohibited person, and voted against Constitutional Carry and against expanding concealed carry reciprocity.

Maine Senate Candidates

Senate District Map: https://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/apport/statewidesenate.pdf

District 1AJACKSON, Troy?SCHAEFER, Brian     
District 2CCARPENTER, Michael BSTEWART, Howard  
 District 3? WILDER, Katherine  A+FARRIN, Bradlee  
 District 4?ZIEMER, David A+DAVIS, Paul  
 District 5? DILL, James  ?IRELAND, Christian  
District 6? LOVIT, JeffreyCMOORE, Marianne  
 District 7F LUCHINI, Louis ? LANGLEY, Brian  
 District 8? UHLENHAKE, Beverly  A ROSEN, Kimberly?MONTAGUE, Teresa
 District 9?BALDACCI, Joe HIATT, John  
 District 10?AUSTIN, Frederick A+GUERIN, Stacey  
 District 11?CURRY, Glenn AQMILNE, Duncan  
 District 12F MIRAMANT, David BQPAGE, Gordon  
 District 13?MAXMIN, Chloe  A DOW, Dana  
 District 14CBELLOWS, Shenna ?WALKER, Mark  
 District 15?HESS, Kallie A+POULIOT, Matthew  
 District 16?KOCH, Hillary  BCYRWAY, Scott  
 District 17?COLLINS, Jan A+BLACK, Russell  
District 18?PERKINS, Gabriel  AKEIM, Lisa  
 District 19?BRANCH, Katherine   ?BENNETT, Richard  
District 20?CLAXTON, Ned AQLEONARD, Matthew   
 District 21FLIBBY, Nathan   ?GALLANT, Timothy  
 District 22?POLIQUIN, Martha A+TIMBERLAKE, Jeffrey   
 District 23D VITELLI, Eloise   ?KOPP, Holly  
 District 24DDAUGHTRY, Matthea   ?PATTERSHALL, Brad  
 District 25FBREEN, Catherine AQWHITE, Jennifer  
 District 26A+DIAMOND, Bill   ?LOCKWOOD, Karen  
 District 27F CHIPMAN, Benjamin   
 District 28FSANBORN, Heather     
 District 29D CARNEY, Anne   ?ANDERSON, Stephanie  
 District 30?BRENNER, Stacy   ?RIVARD, Sara  
 District 31DCHENETTE, Justin   ?GOMBAR, William  
 District 32DDESCHAMBAULT, Susan   ?DAIGLE, Robert  
 District 33?McKINNEY, Michael A+WOODSOME, David  
 District 34?RAFFERTY, Joseph   ?PARDUE, Michael  
District 35FLAWRENCE, Mark  ?MOULTON, Bradley  

Maine House of Representatives Candidates

House District List: http://legislature.maine.gov/house/house/MemberProfiles/ListDistrictTowns

Dist. 1? MATHIESON, Kristi
?HANDS, Donald 
Dist. 2D MEYER, Michele ?AMMONS, Dan   
Dist. 3FBLUME, Lydia     
Dist. 5? GALEMMO, Charles A+O'CONNOR, Beth  
Dist. 6DROBERTS-LOVELL, Tiffany ?HOLTON, Kyle  
Dist. 7? HOBBS, Daniel ?ROCHE, Timothy  
Dist. 8F BABBIDGE, Christopher ?DIFREDE, Todd  
Dist. 9?GERE, Traci ?SEAVEY, Stedman  
Dist. 10D INGWERSEN, Henry ?PARRY, Wayne  
Dist. 11DFECTEAU, Ryan     
Dist. 12D FOLEY, Victoria ?KEENAN, Timothy  
Dist. 13D GRAMLICH, Lori AQMACDONALD, Sharri  
Dist. 14DBAILEY, Donna ?SIROIS, Theodore  
Dist. 15FO'NEIL, Margaret ?CHAPPELL, Marc  
Dist. 16? DURRELL, David ?CARLOW, Nathan  
 Dist. 17?SANDERS, Chelsea A+PRESCOTT, Dwayne  
Dist. 18? TUTTLE, John ?BUCK, Pamela  
Dist. 19?KIDDER, Patricia A+HARRINGTON, Matthew  
Dist. 20?LAUZON, Daniel AKRYZAK, Theodore  
Dist. 21? KROLICK, Clifford A+ SAMPSON, Heidi  
Dist. 22? FITZGERALD, Richard ?BLIER, Mark?BARDEN, Michael
Dist. 23

A+ORDWAY, Lester?GOODWIN, Timothy
Dist. 24B BRYANT, Mark  ?DESCHAMBAULT, Nicole  
Dist. 25? PRINGLE, Jane  A+COREY, Patrick  
Dist. 26FTERRY, Maureen  ?STODDARD, Jacob  
Dist. 27?BAILEY, Kyle  ?DENSMORE, Roger  
Dist. 28D CAIAZZO, Christopher  ?MCDONOUGH, John  
Dist. 29F BABINE, Shawn  ?ROSENBLATT, Annalee?WARREN, Sophia
Dist. 30F MILLET, Rebecca  ?THOMPSON, Timothy  
Dist. 31F RICKETT, Lois  ?DECATUR, Kenneth  
Dist. 32D KESSLER, Christopher  ?WALTER, Tammy  
Dist. 33DMORALES, Victoria  ?DOUGHERTY, Michael  
Dist. 34?RIELLY, Morgan     
Dist.35 ? SALISBURY, Suzanne     
Dist. 36D BRENNAN, Michael     
Dist. 37?LOOKNER, Grayson  ?FREY, Jane  
Dist. 38? WOOD, Barbara     
Dist. 39F SYLVESTER, Michael     
Dist. 40FTALBOT ROSS, Rachel     
Dist. 41?ZAGER, Samuel     
Dist. 42D COLLINGS, Benjamin  ?ABERCROMBIE, Susan?SILVIUS, Carolyn
Dist. 43DCROCKETT, W. Edward     
Dist. 44FPIERCE, Teresa     
Dist. 45CMORIATY, Stephen  ?TIMMONS, Michael  
Dist. 46DSHARPE, Braden  ?MORSE, Erika  
Dist. 47?BELL, Arthur  ?FLEMMING, Anne  
Dist. 48?SACHS, Melanie  ?FINEGAN, James Jr.  
Dist. 49?ARFORD, Poppy  ?STOVER GRAVES, Carole?HORCH, Fred
Dist. 50F TUCKER, Ralph  ?LAWLER, Michael  
Dist. 51DMCCREIGHT, Joyce  ?DAVIS, Stephen  
Dist. 52?Paulhus, Sean  ?SENER, Kenneth  
Dist. 53BHEPLER, Allison  APIERCE, Jeffrey  
Dist. 54FTEPLER, Denise AQBASHINSKY, Toni  
Dist. 55CBERRY, Seth AQLEWIS, Peter  
Dist. 56?GAIASON, Scott A+MASON, Richard  
Dist. 57?FOGG, Patricia BMARTIN, Thomas Jr.  
Dist. 58FHANDY, James  ?CONNOR, Jonathan  
Dist. 59FCRAVEN, Margaret  ?REEDER, John  
Dist. 60DCLOUTIER, Kristen  ?MORRISON, John  
Dist. 61FBROOKS, Heidi  ?MORIN, Christopher  
Dist. 62? MELARAGNO, Gina  ?CYR, James?MICHAEL, John
Dist. 63?GAUTIER, Patricia BBICKFORD, Bruce  
Dist. 64FSHEATS, Bettyann AQLIBBBY, Laurel  
Dist. 65?COOLIDGE, Misty BARATA, Amy  
Dist. 66?FAY, Jessica  ?FOSTER, Gregory  
Dist. 67? ACCARDI, Susan A+AUSTIN, Susan?GROVER, Mark
Dist. 68 A+CEBRA, Richard?SCULLY, Patrick
Dist. 69
 ?DAVIS, Mikael ?RISEMAN, Walter
Dist. 70?BURNETT, Nathan A+WADSWORTH, Nathan  
Dist. 71? MORSE, Kenneth AMILLET, Sawin Jr.  
Dist. 72?BLASTOW, Jennifer  ?JACKSON DILLINGHAM, Kathleen  
Dist. 73F*WOODBURN, Joshua A+ANDREWS, John  
Dist. 74F RILEY, Christina  ?LYMAN, Sheila  
Dist. 75?NUTTING, John AMORRIS, Joshua  
Dist. 76? EMERY, Deborah A+KESCHI, Dennis  
Dist. 77?MENAIR, Marion A+PERKINS, Michael  
Dist. 78?CARON, Raymond ?NADEAU, Cathy  
Dist. 79? HARWATH, Lindsey A+THERIAULT, Timothy  
Dist. 80?HALLE, Gregory BBRADSTREET, Richard  
Dist. 81?HASENFUS, Tavis  ?PIETROSKI, Joseph  
Dist. 82 AGREENWOOD, Randall?ACKLEY, Kent
Dist. 83FHARNETT, Thomas  ?COUTTS, Denis  
Dist. 84F WARREN, Charlotte  ?TAYLOR, Scott  
Dist. 85FDOORE, Donna  ?CLARDY, William  
Dist. 86?TURNER, Adam BFECTEAU, Justin  
Dist. 87?MARKS, Timothy A+HANLEY, Jeffrey  
Dist. 88? HAMILTON, Christopher  ?LEMELIN, Michael  
Dist. 89BSTOVER, Holly AQHAWKE, Stephanie  
Dist. 90? CRAFTS, Lydia BQParise, Merle  
Dist. 91

Dist. 92D MATIACK, Ann  ?LEPARULO, Karry  
Dist. 93FQGEIGER, Valli AQMULLINS, Michael  
Dist. 94FDOUDERA, Victoria     
Dist. 95 AQLUCE, MollyAPLUECKER, William
Dist. 96DZEIGLER, Stanley AQSMITH, Katrina  
Dist. 97DDODGE, Janice  ?DIGIOLA, Matthew  
Dist. 98DCUDDY, Scott BQCONNOR, Jessica  
Dist. 99?TURNER, April A+KINNEY, MaryAnne  
Dist. 100?PAYNE, Carroll BCOSTAIN, Danny  
Dist. 101?LIPPINCOTT, William A+HAGGAN, David  
Dist. 102
BGRIFFIN, Abigail  
Dist. 103?RUSSEL, Robin AQTHORNE, James  
Dist. 104 BFOSTER, Steven  
Dist. 105?SEAVEY, WallaceA+STETKIS, Joel  
Dist. 106?BROWNELL, EthanAQCOLLAMORE, Amanda  
Dist. 107BAUSTIN, Betty?POIRIER, Jennifer  
Dist. 108?MUNSON, ThomasARUDNICKI, Shelley  
Dist. 109?WHITE, BruceAQFOSS, Richard  
Dist. 110FMADIGAN, Colleen  ?ANDRE, Marc
Dist. 111  AQDUCHARME, John  
Dist. 112?BOURGELAIS, PeterA+SKOFIELD, Thomas  
Dist. 113?LANDRY, Scott Jr. ?BUNKER, Stephan  
Dist. 114?KIMBER, GregoryBHALL, Randall  
Dist. 115?PATRICK, JohnCQDOLLOFF, Josanne  
Dist. 116?BERRYMENT, ChristopherAPICKETT, Richard  
Dist. 117? SESSIONS, SavannahA+HEAD, Francis  
Dist. 118  A+GRIGNON, Chad  
Dist. 119?CONTRENI, MargaritaBSTEARNS, Paul  
Dist. 120?EVANS, Richard?PERKINS, Chad?HIGGINS, Norman
Dist. 121?SMITH, MeganBDRINKWATER, Gary  
Dist. 122ADUNPHY, MichelleAQPARADIS, Edward  
Dist. 123?OSHER, Laurie?BOWIE, Cameron  
Dist. 124DPERRY, Joseph?LAPOINTE, Daniel  
Dist. 125?ROEDER, Amy?HERBERT, Patrick  
Dist. 126?SUPICA, Laura?HIATT, Joshua  
Dist. 127FCARDONE, Barbara?HALL, Noah  
Dist. 128?O'CONNELL, Kevin?CRAIG, Garrel  
Dist. 129  ALYFORD, Peter  
Dist. 130?DELLI PAOLI, NicholasAQDOWNES, Kathy  
Dist. 131?MAGNAN, VeronicaBHUTCHINS, Sherman  
Dist. 132BGROHOSKI, Nicole?KAPLAN, Michelle  
Dist. 133DPEBWORTH, Sarah    
Dist. 134BMCDONALD, Genevieve    
Dist. 135?WILLIAMS, Lynne?OH, Timothy?MEIKLEJOHN, Benjamin
Dist. 136?BLASI, AntonioAFAULKINGHAM, William  
Dist. 137?COOLIDGE, MaxwellBQCARMICHAEL, Meldon  
Dist. 138?ALLEY, RobertAQROBINSON, Kimberly  
Dist. 139?GODIN, PatriciaCTUELL, William  
Dist. 140FPERRY, Anne?LAWSON, Michael  
Dist. 141?GREEN, DonaldBJAVNER, Kathy  
Dist. 142?DIPENTINO, Natalie?GIFFORD, Jeffrey  
Dist. 143?PRAY, Charles?STANLEY, Peggy  
Dist. 144?HARNISH, KathrynBSWALLOW, Gregory  
Dist. 145?ZABLEREK, RobertA+JOHANSEN, Chris?ROCKWELL, Randy
Dist. 146?DELONG, TammyB+WHITE, Dustin  
Dist. 147?LAVADO, LillieBQUNDERWOOD, Joseph  
Dist. 148FMCCREA, David?REDMOND, Brian  
Dist. 149?WHITE, David?BERNARD, Susan  
Dist. 150BMARTIN, Roland?CYR, Aaron  
Dist. 151AMARTIN, John?BUSHEY, Kevin  

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