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Red Flag Law Proposal

29 Mar 2024 6:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Bill Language

An Act to Enact the Crisis Intervention Order Act to Protect the Safety of the Public

AKA - An Act to Remove Firearms without Due Process


  • 29 Mar 2024 11:09 AM | Anonymous member
    Huh... About a month ago, I read that the Biden Administration and ATF were planning a "national red flag office" to push states into passing red flag laws. Then we hear that Ann Carney is having an illegal meeting with ATF and her crony democrats (clearly now to utilize that new federal office). Now, shazam! we have a last minute bill, with no time for proper review, no public comment period, and they need to schedule quickly (apparently on the language signer's schedule) to ram it down our throats. This, my friends, is why you cannot vote democrat. And you need to convince all your friends and relatives similarly.
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