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2018 Gubernatorial & Congressional Candidate Gun Rights Grades Released

 F   CARON, Alan
F HAYES, Terry
F MILLS, Janet
A MOODY, Shawn 

United States Senate
D KING, Angus

US House of Representatives, 1st District
 B   GROHMAN, Marty
F PINGREE, Chellie

US House of Representatives, 2nd District

For complete information for all graded candidates, see our Gun Rights grades page.

2018 Candidate Gun Rights Grades Released

Gun Owners of Maine has released its Gun Rights grades for candidates for the Governor, Crongress, and the Maine Legislature. If you are a candidate who would like to receive a grade form Gun Owners of Maine, please fill out our Gun Policy Questionnaire.

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September 22/23, 2018
J.T. Reid's Gun Show
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Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 9am-3pm

October 13/14, 2018
J.T. Reid's Gun Show
Lewiston Ramada, 490 Plesant Street, Lewiston
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November 10/11, 2018
Midcoast Promotions
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We Have A Winner!

The Desert Eagle XIX .50AE goes to...

Daniel Chavanne of Washington! Congratulations to Daniel, and thank you to all those who bought tickets for your support.  Visit our Raffles and Donations page to see our current raffle.


Latest Issue of Gun Owners of Maine Bulletin Available

Get the latest news on the fate of Augusta's current crop of gun-control bills, including LD 1884, Senator Mark Dion's gun confiscation bill in the May issue of the Gun Owners of Maine Bulletin.

Constitutional Carry is the Law in Maine

Constitutional Carry became the law in Maine on October 15, 2015; if you are 21 years of age or more (18+ if active duty or honorably discharged US military) and are not otherwise prohibited from possessing or carrying a firearm, you can now exercise your right to bear arms without obtaining a permit.

To learn all what you need to know to carry a gun lawfully and safely, sign up for our 100% free online SAFER Basic Handgun Safety and Introduction to Concealed Carry course.

SAFER Maine is online!

SAFER Maine, the Statewide Access to Firearms Education and Resources project, is now online.SAFER is a free online resource which provides a Basic Handgun Safety and Introduction to Concealed Carry distance learning course, perfect for those who want to take advantage of Maine's new Constitutional Carry law, which goes into effect October 15, 2015.



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Our community is comprised Federal Firearms Licensed individuals, training instructors, armorers, law enforcement individuals, attorneys, doctors, students, mothers and fathers who are passionate about understanding and expressing our constitutional rights. 

  Join us and add your voice to ours. Our voice grows stronger with every new member! As a community we can ensure that our rights shall not be infringed! 

Gun Owners of Maine, On The Air!

Watch our 10/15/2015 interview with Jon James on Moose 92, the day Constitutional Carry became law, and get the facts. If you want to take advantage of the new law, sign up for our absolutely free online SAFER Basic Handgun Safety and Introduction to Concealed Carry course.

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