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The table below summarizes the 131st firearms and related legislature. Bills marked RED are anti-gun. Bills marked GREEN are pro-gun. Bills marked YELLOW may not be directly related to gun rights, but could be of interest to gun owners.


Once bills are scheduled for public hearings, you can sign up to testify live: https://www.mainelegislature.org/testimony/. At this link, you can submit written testimony and/or sign up to testify. If you sign up to testify, you will receive an email to register for the Zoom webinar. Once you register, you’ll receive another email with a Zoom link to join the hearing. You must sign up at least 30 minutes before the hearing.

When you join the hearing online, you will be a participant—able to see and hear the committee, but they will not see or hear you. When it’s your turn to testify, you will be switched to a panelist, enabling the committee members to see and hear you. If a lot of people are signed up to testify, you will probably be limited to three minutes. After completing your testimony you will be switched back to a participant. At that point, if you wish to log off, you should have the option of watching the remainder of the hearing on the committee’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MaineStateLegislature/channels.

To testify in this manner, you will need a device equipped with a camera and microphone (laptop, tablet, webcam, cell phone, etc.) and an Internet connection.

To check on a bill’s committee status, click on SUMMARY & STATUS below, then click on “Status in Committee”.

LD/Bill Sponsor Title / Status
LD 22

SPONSOR:  Senator CARNEY of Cumberland

COSPONSOR(S):  Representative SHEEHAN of Biddeford and
Senator BEEBE-CENTER of Knox, LAWRENCE of York, Representative: DOUDERA of

TITLE: An Act to Impede the Transfer of Firearms to Prohibited Persons

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=22&snum=131

LD 52

Representative FOSTER of Dexter

COSPONSOR(S):  Senator HARRINGTON of York and
Representatives: COSTAIN of Plymouth, PERKINS of Dover-Foxcroft

TITLE: An Act to Allow Certain School Employees to Carry Firearms on School Property

SUMMARY & STATUS: http://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=52&snum=131

HEARING: Education and Cultural Affairs | April 26, 2023 10:00 AM, Cross Office Building, 111 Sewall St, Augusta, ME 04330, Room 208

LD 60

SPONSOR: Representative CRAVEN of Lewiston

COSPONSOR(S):  Representatives: ARFORD of Brunswick, CRAFTS of Newcastle, DODGE of
Belfast, GRAMLICH of Old Orchard Beach, WHITE of Waterville

TITLE: An Act to Require a 72-hour Waiting Period After the Sale of a Firearm

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=60&snum=131

LD 168

SPONSOR: Rep. TALBOT ROSS, Rachel of Portland

COSPONSOR(S): Representative: SALISBURY of Westbrook

TITLE: An Act Regarding Criminal Background Checks for the Sale, Transfer or Exchange of Firearms

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=168&snum=131

 LD 271

Senator POULIOT of Kennebec

COSPONSOR(S): Representitive SAMPSON of Alfred and
Senator: LYFORD of Penobscot.

TITLE: An Act Requiring the University of Maine System and the Maine
Community College System to Offer a For-credit Course on

Hunting, Fishing, Recreational Shooting and Trapping

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=271&snum=131

HEARING: Education and Cultural Affairs | Mar 06, 2023 01:00 PM, Cross Office Building, 111 Sewall St, Augusta, ME 04330, Room 208

 LD 551

Representative MORRIS of Turner

COSPONSOR(S): Senator BRAKEY of Androscoggin and
Representatives: ANDREWS of Paris, ARDELL of Monticello, COLLAMORE of Pittsfield,
LAVIGNE of Berwick, LYMAN of Livermore Falls, PAUL of Winterport, Senator:
TIMBERLAKE of Androscoggin.


An Act to Strengthen Maine Citizens' Second Amendment Rights by Allowing the Discharge of Firearms on Private Property That Is Within 500 Feet of School Property in Certain Circumstances.

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=551&snum=131

 LD 582

Senator LYFORD of Penobscot

COSPONSOR(S): Representative CAMPBELL of Orrington and
Senators: BLACK of Franklin, GUERIN of Penobscot, POULIOT of Kennebec,
TIMBERLAKE of Androscoggin, Representatives: DRINKWATER of Milford, THORNE of
Carmel, WOOD of Greene

TITLE: An Act to Enhance Certain Penalties for Possession of Firearms by Prohibited Persons

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=582&snum=131

 LD 624

Representative ARDELL of Monticello

COSPONSOR(S):  Senator STEWART of Aroostook and
Representatives: BABIN of Fort Fairfield, BLIER of Buxton, BOYER of Poland,
HENDERSON of Rumford, MORRIS of Turner, PERKINS of Dover-Foxcroft, WHITE of Guilford
TITLE: An Act to Prohibit Government Officials from Maintaining Records Related to Firearms Owners

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=624&snum=131

 LD 629

Representative ARDELL of Monticello

COSPONSOR(S):   Senator STEWART of Aroostook and
Representatives: BABIN of Fort Fairfield, BLIER of Buxton, BOYER of Poland, CYRWAY
of Albion, HENDERSON of Rumford, PERKINS of Dover-Foxcroft, WHITE of Guilford

An Act To Improve, Protect And Defend The Individual Civil Right To Bear Arms Through Exemption Of Firearms And Ammunition From Taxation

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=629&snum=131

Hearing:  Taxation | Mar 09, 2023 02:00 PM, Maine State House, 210 State St, Augusta, ME 04330, Room 127

 LD 674

Representative LAJOIE of Lewiston

COSPONSOR(S): Representatives: BRIDGEO of Augusta, LANDRY of Farmington, LEE of
Auburn, LIBBY of Auburn, PERKINS of Dover-Foxcroft, WOOD of Greene, Senator:
BRAKEY of Androscoggin

Title: An Act to Allow Bail Commissioners to Carry Firearms in

Correctional Facilities and Jails

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=674&snum=131

Hearing:  Monday, March 13, 2023 10:00 AM,State House, Room 436

 LD 943

Representative ARDELL of Monticello


Title: An Act to Enhance Privacy and Prohibit Shipping Companies from Maintaining Records of Firearm and Ammunition Shipments

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=943&snum=131

LD 1000

Representative ROBERTS of South Berwick

COSPONSOR(S): Representatives: CLUCHEY of Bowdoinham, DOUDERA of Camden,
Title: Resolve, to Convene a Firearm Range Safety Working Group
Within the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=1000&snum=131

LD 1011

Representative DOUDERA of Camden

COSPONSOR(S):  Senator CARNEY of Cumberland
Title: An Act Requiring the Reporting of Stolen Firearms

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=1011&snum=131

LD 1103

Representative BOYER of Poland

COSPONSOR(S):  Representatives: EATON of Deer Isle, FAULKINGHAM of Winter Harbor,
HASENFUS of Readfield, LIBBY of Auburn, MATHIESON of Kittery, SUPICA of Bangor,
WARREN of Scarborough, Senator: HICKMAN of Kennebec
Title: An Act to Allow Persons Who Lawfully Use or Possess Cannabis to Own or Possess Firearms or Ammunition

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=1103&snum=131

 LD 1072

Senator CHIPMAN of Cumberland

COSPONSOR(S): Representative WILLIAMS of Bar Harbor and
Senator: GROHOSKI of Hancock, Representatives: ALBERT of Madawaska, ANKELES of
Brunswick, CRAFTS of Newcastle, MASON of Lisbon, O'CONNELL of Brewer,
THERIAULT of Fort Kent, WHITE of Waterville

Title: An Act Regarding the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=1072&snum=131

NOTE: Sections of this bill will turn DMV offices into Gun Free Zones, Specifically Section 4 - 160

 LD 1451


Senator BRAKEY of Androscoggin


Representative PERKINS of Dover-Foxcroft and
Representatives: ANDREWS of Paris, BAGSHAW of Windham, BOYER of Poland,
GIFFORD of Lincoln, GUERRETTE of Caribou, LAVIGNE of Berwick, QUINT of Hodgdon,
SMITH of Palermo

Title: An Act to Prohibit State and Local Enforcement of Federal
Firearms Laws

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=1451&snum=131

 LD 1561

Representative PERKINS of Dover-Foxcroft

COSPONSOR(S): Senator HICKMAN of Kennebec and
Representatives: ANDREWS of Paris, ARDELL of Monticello, BOYER of Poland,
FAULKINGHAM of Winter Harbor, HYMES of Waldo, SOBOLESKI of Phillips, WHITE of
Guilford, Senator: HARRINGTON of York

Title: An Act to Restore Firearm Rights and Hunting Privileges to Persons Previously Convicted of Certain Nonviolent Felony Crimes

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?LD=1561&snum=131

 LD 1696 SPONSOR(S):

Representative MILLETT of Cape Elizabeth

COSPONSOR(S): Senator CARNEY of Cumberland and
Representatives: DOUDERA of Camden, GATTINE of Westbrook, GRAMLICH of Old
Orchard Beach, MOONEN of Portland, SACHS of Freeport, SAYRE of Kennebunk, STOVER
of Boothbay, Senator: LAWRENCE of York

Title: An Act to Create a Civil Cause of Action for Persons Suffering
Damages Arising from the Sale of Abnormally Dangerous Firearms

This would create a "soft ban" on various firearms, as manufacturers might not want to sell into the state if they feel there might be potential litigation. This could potentially include common firearms like handguns and semi-automatic rifles. 

SUMMARY & STATUS: https://legislature.maine.gov/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?PID=1456&snum=131&paper=&paperld=l&ld=1696

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